About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bank  
Makeup Artist
Licensed Esthetician
For Bookings and Inquiries contact Elizabeth at:
Bankablebeauty, Inc.
NY Tele. 917.716.3780-Email:bankablebeauty@gmail.com

Elizabeth Bank is a self-taught artist-born in Brooklyn, New York. 
She feels blessed to have the opportunity to live her dream. She is inspired by the diverse and wonderful people she meets everyday and has always held a strong belief in giving back;that change through beauty can make a lasting impact on individuals, their immediate environment and ultimately the world around all of us!
Elizabeth is a licensed NYS esthetician and holds an MA in Forensic Psychology.

"Beauty exists in all people, all races, all environments-what most see as chaos and disaster, I only see as beauty; and I know I am lucky to see it this way"-Elizabeth H.Bank.


Check out my beauty blog: http://bankablebeauty.blogspot.com

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